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Edco Technologies is a leading supplier of industrial and military systems and official distributor of hardware in Israel.


News From Edco


Getac Reveals The New T800 8.1" Fully Rugeed Tablet


Getac  F110 Tablet and V110 Fully Rugged NewTablets


ADL Introduce PCIe/104 SBC Based on 4th Generation Intel Core Processor


Innodisk: SATA III Now Available For Aerospace and Defense Applications


Getac Revelies New Fully Rugged Server Grade X500


NLS Revelies 3U Rackmount Triple 19" LCD Server Console


'  83416039


Getac Revelies New Fully Rugged Tablet Z710


Edco is now the representative of NLS - A leading Manufacture of Industrial & Military Rugged Displays

Adlink Presents New 6U CompactPCI Rear Transition Module

Adlink Presents New EPIC Single Board Computer

Adlink Presents New 10GBASE-T Ethernet XMC module

Adlink Presents cPCI-6520 6U CompactPCI processor blade in single-slot

GE Inteligent Platforms Introduce Rugged Flat Panel Computer

GE Inteligent Platforms Introduce 3U VPX High Performance Graphics Board

GE Inteligent Platforms Introduce 3U VPX Wideband Digital  Receiver/Exciter Module

Trenton presents Backplane Expands x16 PCIe Card System Design Options

Ubiqconn Introduce Semi Rugged Tablet 10.1

GE Inteligent Platforms Introduce Magic1

Adlink Presents AdvancedTCA Fabric Switch

Adlink New SBC PC/104 435 CoreModule

Adlink Presents New nanoX-TX Com Express Board

Winmate Presents 4.3" Rugged Industrial PDA

ADL Releases First Ever Sandy Bridge

Getac New Fully Rugged Smartphone

Getac New X500 Fully Rugged Notebook

GE Intteligent Platforms Introduce new Intel Core 2 Duo / Core Duo Box PC  series

IEI Introduce   Intel Q67 Motherboard

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GE Intteligent Platforms Introduce 3 slot 3U CompactPCI Rugged  Chasis

GE Intteligent Platforms Introduce OpenVPX Rugged Single Board Computer

ADLINK  New COM Express- Express-Hr

GE Intteligent Platforms  Introduce rugged 6U OpenVPX data plane switch module

ADLINK  present 3U CompactPCI - cPCI-3970

Logic-instrument is a new partner of Edco Technologies

IEI  present ATX motherboard with Intel G41 chipset

Your New Guide for Buying An Industrial-Grade  Server

Moxa Introduces Network software

Getac Introduces New Semi Rugged Notebook

Technobox 6183 Dual CFAST Adapter

GE  rugged products based around the NVIDIA CUDA

GE has new VME 6500 - 6U NEW I/O Boards 

Getac - Rugged PDA PS236 is now ATEX certified

GE AXIS Multiprocessing System Configuration Software

Check Moxa -  new smart ideas

GE Intelligent Platforms: The UAV Company

Trenton  4U Rackmount Computer

Trenton  MicroATX Embedded Motherboard

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IEI New PICMG 1.0 with Intel G41 support LGA775 Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Card

IEI New Fanless Intel Atom Processor Embedded System

IEI New Mini-ITX SBC with Intel Atom N270 is now avialable

IEI New vehicle mobile computers is now avialable

Kontron New MPCX28R The fanless Atom rail computer

Kontron New MPCX28 The compact and energy-efficient vehicle computer

Edco new ISO Compliance for 2010


Trenton New Motherboard

IEI  LCD screen UPS Panel PC

IEI Touch Panel PC

TEWS Edco New Distribution in Israel

GE New Single Slot Server

Adlink Multifunction Data Acquistion Card

IEI New IBX-500

IEI New Compact Fanless AFL-07A-LX

Getac  Unveils The New PS535E Fully-Rugged GPS PDA

Moxa  24+4G-port Gigabit Modular Managed Ethernet Switch

Getac  Launches Its First Durable Notebook Solution

IEI New Mini-ITX Motherboard

Trenton Technology Introduces Five New PICMG 1.3 Backplanes

Getac Launches Its New B300

AdLink New Series of 64-Channel High-Performance PCI Express DAQ Cards

Trenton Technology Introduces PICMG 1.3 Dual Multi-Core Processor System Host Board (SHB) Product Line.

IEI New PICMG 1.3 Full Size CPU Card with AMD Socket AM2 Processor

Moxa EDS-P308 the new PoE switch (Power Over Ethernet). 8-ports of industrial rugged switch now available

6 Hasadna st. Kfar-Saba , 4442405Israel
Phone: +972-9-7999799Fax: +972-9-7677377E-mail: info@edco.co.il