Industrial Solutions

EDCO Technologies provides innovative embedded computing and networking solutions, to various vertical markets and industrial applications.


The healthcare sector is undergoing a massive digital transformation to improve efficiency, patient services and care. We provide a broad range of high-quality, medical-grade standard products (computing platforms, visualization systems, data connectivity devices) as well as customized products and solutions to transform digitized operating rooms (ORs), intensive care units (ICUs), emergency rooms (ERs) and digitized healthcare services.


Our smart transportation solutions, focusing on railway, vehicle, and marine applications, help enterprises improve efficiency of fleet and asset management by analyzing data collected from various sensors and transmitting to the cloud for precise prediction.


With more global manufacturing industries embracing automation, we offer a wide range of products and solutions to meet industrial computing challenges for optimized operations and sustainable integrated manufacturing. Our products incorporate intelligent platforms, I/O devices, control panels, and management tools which are designed to meet the demanding networking, data processing and mission-critical performance requirements of integrated manufacturing operations across a broad spectrum of manufacturing industries worldwide.

IoT & AI

Our IoT solution partners provide additional technical capabilities in their areas of expertise in order to offer the most comprehensive range of options embedded in our IoT solutions.

Cyber & Security

Our cybersecurity solutions protect your OT networks with OT-IT integrated security. With an ongoing commitment to ensuring reliable connectivity for industrial environments, our products mitigate cyber threats against industrial networks.

Power & Energy

Industrial IoT solutions enable smart distribution of renewable energy from solar and wind sources. We provide an integrated data-acquisition and device-monitoring solution to efficiently manage remote power assets distributed across multiple field locations. Our solutions facilitate easy deployment and management of distributed field devices and integrates them with services and applications in the local SCADA or the cloud.

Seeking a complete, customized solution for your project?

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