Vortex DDS

Vortex DDS is the Intelligent Data Sharing Platform for Business Critical Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Vortex DDS is a ubiquitous data sharing software framework based on the open and proven DDS standard that supports a wide range of device technologies, operating systems and programming languages. Combining deterministic data delivery, system-wide data sharing and support for data analytics, Vortex DDS helps system integrators, OEMs, device platform vendors and Cloud service providers (SaaS, PaaS and DaaS) deliver software solutions for many vertical markets, including: Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Robotics, Healthcare, Transportation / Automotive and Industrial Automation.

Business Value

  • Reduces cost of developing, integrating and maintaining distributed systems, reduces risk of failure and helps you get to market faster.
  • Proven in Aerospace & Defense market where it is widely deployed and applied in broad range of commercial applications.
  • Recommended solution and Integrated in various markets:
    • IIoT – Industrial Internet Reference Architecture
    • Automotive – Automotive Open System Architecture
    • Robotics – Robotics Operating System v2 (ROS2)
    • Aerospace & Defense – FACE
    • Test and Measurement / Industrial Automation – MATLAB, Simulink and LABView
    • Healthcare – Medical Device Plug-and Play Interoperability Program

Key Features

Easy to Integrate
Data-centric architecture that hides topology details, enabling true plug-and-play   

Latencies as low as 30 µsec, throughput of millions of msgs/sec 

Scaling across thousands or even millions of participants

End-to-end secure data connectivity with authentication, encryption & access control capabilities

QoS Enabled
Full control over data distribution: timeliness, prioritization, reliability and resource usage

Mature, proven and open standard with future-proof APIs plus wire-protocol

Peer-to-peer communication without message brokers or servers

Widely Applicable
Available for embedded, mobile, web, enterprise and cloud applications

Superior determinism compared with other DDS implementations

Why Vortex DDS?

Open source offering
An open source version of Vortex DDS is available, so there is no need to be afraid of any form of license infringements imposed by for instance ITAR restrictions.
Users can contribute to and influence the Vortex DDS roadmap to ensure the features they need are developed first 

Scalability and determinism
The architecture of Vortex DDS is very different compared to other DDS implementations, resulting in superior scalability and determinism  

Vortex DDS is the only DDS implementation that provides full support for maintaining so-called historical data that is essential for building fault-tolerant systems

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