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Digital Microscopy Imaging
Array Pro
Microarray analysis software
Array-Pro Analyzer is an indispensable tool for the nascent microarray and high-throughput screening research efforts fueling the genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and bioinformatics revolution.



IQmaterials offers the tools materialographers need to capture, analyze and manage images.  Streamline your workflow and improve collaboration efforts using the sophisticated analytical and database tools in IQmaterials.  Perform grain size, percent area and particle size analysis according to ASTM and ISO guidelines.  

Gel Pro Analyzer
Gel-Pro® Analyzer increases laboratory productivity and efficiency by eliminating the time consuming steps involved in manually analyzing Southern, Northern, and Western blots, dot and slot blots, and quantitative PCR. Gel-Pro was jointly designed by Media Cybernetics and molecular biologists for intuitive, easy-to-use analysis without compromising the features necessary to achieve meaningful results. With Gel-Pro's image processing algorithms, results are often ready with the touch of just one button, eliminating the tedious trail of multiple mouse clicks necessary with other software packages. Images of wet gels, dry gels, photos, or gels on film can be acquired and analyzed automatically with Gel-Pro software.

IQbase Ver. 2.5
IQbase is the ideal solution for technical professionals who accumulate a tremendous number of images in the course of their work. The need to extract more information from this wealth of image data increases in importance every day. Unlike database products designed for business applications, IQbase provides accessibility from the pixel level to the meta-data level.
The need to manage image information has led to the new scientific discipline of image informatics. IQbase has been designed and built specifically as an image informatics solution. No other image database software offers the sophisticated level of data integration, scalability, and customization of IQbase.

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